When it comes to hotdogs, We rock!

We are located at Home Depot in 11616 Aurora Ave N. Open all week

Our Menu

Welcome to Seattle’s Finest Hotdogs, the ultimate destination for mouthwatering hot dogs right in the heart of the Home Depot parking lot! Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a busy professional, or a hungry local, our food truck is here to satisfy your cravings with our delicious and flavorful hot dogs. We Rock!

Argentinian Choripan

“Choripán is Argentina's ultimate street food, a sandwich consisting of a chorizo ​​sausage and assorted condiments on a crusty bread”

German Style Frankfurt

Cooked sausage made from minced pork (although nowadays there are also turkey and chicken sausages), bacon, pork rinds, water, salt, and spices.

Peruvian Style Tequenos

Tequeño is a culinary preparation originally from Venezuela that consists of a fried wheat flour dough, filled with white cheese or mozzarella cheese, among other fillings.


It is a popular quick dish that is consumed in different Latin American countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia. This dish is composed of whole or cut sausages, accompanied by French fries and various sauces.

Grilled & Veggies

Our Grilled Veggie Hot Dog is also a healthy favorite with our customers, a mix of salted vegetables include, juicy white onion, Red bell pepper, and a mild spicy sauce, if you really want to know how tasty it is, order it now!

Hot Mandala

Spicy sausage mixed with crispy white onion and Bell pepper. Instead of mustard, it comes topped with aged cheddar cheese. And the relish, onion, sport peppers, pickle, tomato and celery salt have all been swapped out for hot giardiniera.

Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs

What goes on bacon-wrapped hot dogs? Just about anything! Go classic with onion, pickles, mustard, and ketchup, or spice things up with jalapeño slices, hot sauce, or sriracha. The sky's the limit!

Chipotle Chili Dogs

Double up on beef with these chili-topped hot dogs. Then add plenty of melty cheese and chopped white onion to garnish. Believe me, this a winner!

Our amazing recipes!

Sink your teeth into our juicy all-beef franks, grilled to perfection and nestled in a fluffy bun that provides the ideal balance of softness and texture. Each bite delivers a burst of flavor, as we’ve carefully curated a selection of mouthwatering toppings that range from traditional favorites like sauerkraut and onions to exciting and unexpected combinations like jalapeño-infused relish and tangy mango salsa.

Our Saukerkraut

We take pride in serving up a unique twist on the classic hot dog experience. Our menu is carefully crafted to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.
From our signature gourmet franks to our creative toppings and sauces, we’re on a mission to redefine the way you enjoy this American favorite.

Our Topping Sauces

But we don’t stop there. At Seattle’s Finest Franks, we believe that every hot dog is an opportunity for culinary creativity.

That’s why we offer a build-your-own option, allowing you to customize your hot dog with a variety of toppings, sauces, and condiments. 


As part of the vibrant Seattle community, we are committed to sourcing our ingredients locally whenever possible, ensuring that each hot dog is not only delicious but also supports the local economy. We believe in quality, sustainability, and providing our customers with an experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Contact us?

For any questions, feel free to contact us directly, just click the button below and address any topic you think is pertinent


Being in the food business is a great opportunity for any entrepreneur, it sounds good, but without the humility to listen and walk hand in hand with our customers, growing could not be an option. We are all ears

Taking pride in our job

Our work team carries out its work with an unsurpassed mysticism, we want to be recognized almost blindly, only by your palate. “The gratification of your expressions when savoring our hot dogs and other varieties are the incentive to continue working in the search for excellence”

Nick Negrini CEO - Rock n Hotdogs

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